Active Research Opportunities

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From interviews to surveys to action-based workgroups, my research is always unfolding. One of my philosophies regarding all academic research is that it ought to DO SOMETHING. That is, I don’t ever want to study something just for the sake of knowing or learning. So each project will have an action-oriented goal. Every post featuring a research opportunity will describe the sort of action I have planned.

A researcher’s work is never done. On this page, you will find active studies.

Below is a current and frequently updated list of studies. All studies I am currently conducting are geared toward adults with diabetes. If you have any ideas for a study, don’t hesitate to reach out via Twitter or email!


Diabetes Burnout?

This study is a visual survey using SenseMaker technology. It tries to understand and make sense of diabetes burnout. It was designed with the intention of influencing health policy at University of Utah Health.

Future Studies

Check back often for more opportunities.

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