I’m Hosting a Webinar! Eek!

After much consideration, I’ve decided to host a free webinar to talk about my research, how I got from grad school to a semi-academic career path, and where I am going next. The second half hour of the webinar, I will be opening up the floor for free flowing discussion about whatever those who show up want to talk about.

This is an experiment, of sorts. I’ve never done anything like this, or even heard about it. While I am speaking at five conferences this year, I feel like keeping all this information in those silos is doing a disservice to the work and also to the communities who are potentially impacted by it.

Here are a few specific research projects I’ll be covering:

  • Diabetes identity article
  • Metanarratives of diabetes chapter
  • Self-Exceptionism theory
  • Physician wellness, and
  • Humanizing big data

If you are interested in my work, wanting to chat with an academic, hoping to learn more about one person’s path out of the traditional academic tenure-track and into something else, join me.

Since it is virtual, I wont be able to offer snacks, but you sure as heck can bring your own. I want this to be fun and low-key. I’ll be telling some stories and sharing my personal journey too. I hope you’ll join me!

Registration link is here:


After you sign up, I will send you a calendar invite with Zoom details.

Can’t wait to see you!

It’s been a minute!

Wow, it has been a while since I did a check-in update post.

Hi! I’m still here!

My career has been shifting a lot and I’ve been working and publishing on projects outside of my usual diabetes + disability studies area of expertise. These seemingly random projects are all happening through my job as a social scientist at the University of Utah Health. Oh yeah, I moved to Utah three years ago…. There, I lead qualitative research and specialize in a tool called SenseMaker. It’s rad. Look it up if you have a minute. I’m not sure if “diversifying my portfolio” is what I anticipated when I took the job, but it is certainly what I’ve been up to.

As for my expected career trajectory, major strides there too. I recently co-wrote a chapter, called The Metanarrative of Diabetes: ‘Should you be eating that?‘ for a book called Metanarratives of Disability: Culture, Assumed Authority, and the Normative Social Order edited by David Bolt. The chapter is excellent and lays the groundwork for the even bigger update…

My colleague, Bianca C. Frazer, and I have been working tirelessly over the last two years to edit a book of essays. I didn’t post updates about it as we went along because… I think I didn’t want to jinx it? I’m happy to say that the completed book is with the publisher, Palgrave Macmillan.

THE BOOK. (!!!!!!!!)

The book is called (Un)doing Diabetes: Representation, Disability, Culture. People… it is amazing. Our authors, of which there are 22, knocked it out of the park. Our authors are community activists, activist scholars, and scholars who span a wide range of academic fields. In (Un)doing Diabetes, we use disability studies frameworks to identify, critique, and locate generative solutions to representations of diabetes in medias like film, tv, social media, non-profit organizations and the like. It’s so badass, talking about it makes me super giddy.

This book is for everyone, not just academics. There’s something in here for every single person.

The book should be published and available for purchase in late fall. I will (of course) post about it again then.

If you’re a person who does a podcast or writes for any type of media outlet, hit me up. We’re going to be on the hunt for readings and opportunities to talk about the book as much as possible as the fall draws nearer.

For now, thems the updates.

I’m going to be doing more writing here, musings mostly. So, I’ll see you soon.