Examining Representations of Diabetes

I'm enrolled in a course this semester called "Disability and Culture." In this class we are looking at representations of disability in film, art, writing, etc. A major take-away from our first lecture was that representations of disability are inherently value-laden. This means that every single time a character or piece of art presents with a disability, there … Continue reading Examining Representations of Diabetes

On Saying Yes: Another MasterLab Reflection

Have you ever been witness to something unjust - someone being teased or treated unfairly? Chances are you have. Chances are also high that upon witnessing such an event, you have felt a specific kind of deep-seeded urge to somehow restore that balance and justice. However, if you are anything like me, that urge is … Continue reading On Saying Yes: Another MasterLab Reflection

Diabetes Blog Week: Wordful Wednesday

The topic for today asks bloggers to discuss their diabetes language preferences. What does each blogger prefer? "Person with diabetes", or "diabetic"? I'm thankful to the community member who proposed this topic, because my views on it have somewhat shifted since I wrote about it last. My perspective changed because I've learned some disability history! … Continue reading Diabetes Blog Week: Wordful Wednesday

UnitedHealthcare Policy Change: A Systemic Issue

Earlier this month, UnitedHealthcare announced a policy change that impacts people with diabetes of all types. As established by a new partnership with Medtronic, UnitedHealthcare has dedicated a "preferred Durable Medical Equipment provider" through which to cover. DiaTribe's article  explains the impact of this new policy on patients: "If you are currently on a non-Medtronic … Continue reading UnitedHealthcare Policy Change: A Systemic Issue

The Ideology of Ability

Tobin Siebers was a disability scholar. His book, Disability Theory discusses various disability discourses. Discourse, in the ivory tower (academia), does not necessarily mean conversation, though we can argue that through conversation discourse is created. Rather, discourse in the ivory tower means the establishment of knowledge. Who creates and maintains discourse contributes to who has and … Continue reading The Ideology of Ability