On Saying Yes: Another MasterLab Reflection

Have you ever been witness to something unjust - someone being teased or treated unfairly? Chances are you have. Chances are also high that upon witnessing such an event, you have felt a specific kind of deep-seeded urge to somehow restore that balance and justice. However, if you are anything like me, that urge is … Continue reading On Saying Yes: Another MasterLab Reflection

#MasterLab Recap and Thanks

Last week I attended #MasterLab, an advocacy event put on by Diabetes Hands Foundation through their Diabetes Advocates program. Overall the day was a spectacular success. Throughout this week, I will release reflections¬†on specific talks. For now, a general overview of the event with gratitude toward the organization that made it all happen. Brief Recap: … Continue reading #MasterLab Recap and Thanks