Survey Link

WHAT: The purpose of this survey is to understand how adults who have maintained their job, but had to adjust to working-from-home, are doing. The survey asks questions about structural, technical, emotional, and cultural aspects of working from home.

WHO: This survey was designed to be taken by adults who have maintained their jobs and who have transitioned to remote work during the COVID-19 crisis.

Privacy: The survey is 100% anonymous.

HOW: This survey will not look like others you have taken. It uses space to gauge your responses in relationship with a number of elements. When you follow the survey link, there are directions provided.

WHY: By understanding how adults are coping with adjusting to working from home requirements, the hope is to improve remote work policies across institutions. This survey considers many areas of potential improvement.

If after reading this information, you are interested in participating, click the link below!

Thanks! Please share this post with friends and colleagues who are working from home during this weiiiiiiiiiiiird time!

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